The transcript of the film The Black Cauldron


  • Narrator: Legend has it, in the mystic land of Prydain, there was once a king so cruel and so evil... that even the gods feared him. Since no prison could hold him, he was thrown alive into a crucible of molten iron. There, his demonic spirit was captured... in the form of a great Black Cauldron. For uncounted centuries, the Black Cauldron lay hidden, waiting, while evil men searched for it, knowing whoever possessed it would have the power... to resurrect an army of deathless warriors... and, with them, rule the world.

Scene 1

  • Dallben: There's something wrong. I can feel it in my bones. (His bones crack) The Fairfolk know it too. You don't see any of them around. (The cat meows in the background , climbing on top of the table.) The Horned King, that black hearted devil. What's he waiting for? (The cat keeps on meowing and Dallben turns his attention towards him) Yes, yes, cat. I know you want your breakfast, but, just now, thinking is more important. Taran, the pot is boiling over!
  • Taran: Oh, Dallben. I was just thinking. What if the war's over, and I never had a chance to fight?
  • Dallben: Hmm, and a good thing too. War isn't a game. People get hurt.
  • Taran: But I'm not afraid. Ouch!
  • Dallben: Yes, there you are. If the Horned King ever returns, you'll have a great deal more to worry about... than a burned finger. No, no, no, cat. That is not for you. It's for Hen Wen.
  • Taran: Hen Wen, Hen Wen. It's always Hen Wen!
  • Dallben: And one day, my boy, you may learn why. Now, no more dreaming. You have chores to do.
  • Taran: Yes, sir.
  • Dallben: He's so anxious... and so blind to the dangers ahead. Look, cat. You're in luck. Just enough left for you. Hmm.

Scene 2

  • Taran: Dallben doesn't understand. I'm not a little boy anymore. I should be doing heroic deeds for Prydain, not waiting hand and foot on a spoiled-- Hey! Oh, all right, Hen. I didn't mean it. You'd better eat it. Dallben made it especially for you. Is this to be my life ? Pampering a pig ? I'm a warrior not a pig keeper. Dallben thinks I'd be afraid, but I wouldn't. All I need is a chance, and I could be a famous warrior. Look at me, Hen! I can do it! Ha! Even you're afraid. Do you challenge me ? Run, you cowards. (He spots an oncoming goat. There you are. His Majesty, the Horned King. So we meet at last. Ha! (He takes his "sword" and begins shaking the horns of the goat)
  • Taran: Even the Horned King shakes with fear. See, Hen? Everybody runs from the famous Taran of Caer Dallben! Prydain's finest warrior... draws his last... breath. (Someone towers over Taran, who looks up.) Dallben. Hmm, not quite the blade for a hero. I was-- It's just that we were-- Hen Wen got dirty.
  • Dallben: Oh, I see. Another dream, Taran ? But, Dallben, wont I ever be anything but an assistant pig keeper? She's a special pig, Taran. Now, give her a nice bath. Well, Hen, it looks as though... I'll still be an assistant pig keeper when I'm as old as Dallben. You like that, dont you ?Now for the part you like best. Hey, come on, Hen. I havent finished scrubbing your ba-- (Hen wen begins squealing and running around from the bathtub. Hen, whats the matter? Calm down, Hen. (Taran struggles with Hen Wen, trying to calm her down. Stop it, please! What's the matter? - Hen Wen--
  • Dallben: (opens the shutters from the window) Taran, whats going on?
  • Taran: I-I don't know. There's something wrong with Hen Wen.
  • Dallben: What? Quickly, lad. Bring her inside.

Scene 3

  • Taran: What's that for?
  • Dallben: Put Hen Wen down. I never use her powers unless I have to, but now I must.
  • Taran: (confused) "Powers"?
  • Dallben: Taran, what you are about to see, you must never reveal to anyone. Hen Wen, from you, I do beseech... knowledge that lies beyond my reach, troubled thoughts beyond your heart. Pray you now those thoughts impart.
  • (Hen Wen goes dizzy and is hypnotized and drops her snout into the water. Images appear in the water, leaving Taran in awe. The Horned King appears in the vision.)
  • Dallben: The Horned King. (Taran gasps at the image) Shh. Don't interfere! He's searching (The Black Cauldron appears in the vision) The Black Cauldron..! So that's it!
  • Taran: (confused) The Black Cauldron?
  • Dallben: An awesome weapon, Taran! It's been hidden for centuries, BUT if the Horned King should find it, and unleash It's power. NOTHING could stand against him.
  • (An image of Hen Wen appears running from the Gwythaints)
  • Taran: It's Hen Wen!
  • Dallben: He knows.... (He grows worried about Hen Wen and uses his his staff to hit the water). Stop! Enough!
  • (Hen Wen backs away from the water with Dallben terrified. He goes and packs some food for Taran.)
  • Dallben: You must leave here at once! Take Hen Wen to the hidden cottage at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Hide there, never bring her out, until I come for you!
  • Taran: Hide? But why?
  • Dallben: Only I knew the secret of Hen Wen's power! But now the Horned King has discovered it! You must make sure he never uses it to find the Black Cauldron!
  • Taran: (as he ties a rope around Hen's neck.) Humph! I'm not afraid of the Horned King!
  • Dallben: Then you are a very foolish lad! Untried courage is no match for his evil. Just remember that! Now, now off you go my boy and take care of yourself!
  • (They hug and then Taran goes to the door where Hen Wen stands. and opens the door. Taran fallows after her.
  • Taran: Goodbye Dallben! I won't fail you!
  • (Taran and Hen Wen walk out the door. Dallben and the cat watch them walk out the door.)
  • Dallben: So much. So soon. To rest upon his young shoulders!

Scene 4

  • Horned King:  Oh, yes! Yes, my soldiers. Soon the Black Cauldron will be mine. It's evil power will cost through my viens, and I, shall make you. (crazily) CAULDRON-BORN! Yes! YES!  Oh,yes! (He laughs maniacally) Then you will worship ME! Me. Oh, my soldiers, how long I have thirsted to be the God, among mortal men!

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