Family Edit

Dallben Edit

(Care taker and adoptive father)

Love interests Edit

Eilonwy Edit


Friends Edit

Gurgi Edit

Taran gurgi

Taran first met Gurgi in the Forbidden forest, but the small creature tried to steal an apple from him. He however was probably hungry and couldn't afford anything. Taran does not believe that Gurgi is really his friend, such as when Gurgi just is helping him find Hen Wen because of the apple Taran has and gives him the apple

However, at the end of the film, Taran sees that Gurgi was a true friend after he sacrificed himself and Taran tried to stop him from going in.

Fflewddur Fflam Edit

Taran meets Fflewddur in the dungeons where they rescue him before they escape. During this film, Taran and Fflewddur get along quite well. However, Fflewddur does not like it when Taran and Eilonwy fight. Both of them also don't trust Gurgi at first, but Eilonwy chastisizes them for being horrid to poor Gurgi

Enemies Edit

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