"Oh, Dallben, I was just thinking. What if the war's over, and I never had a chance to fight!d"
—To Dallben
"Dallben wouldn't understand. I'm not a little boy anymore. I should be doing heroic deeds for Prydain! Not waiting hand and foot on a spoiled....Hey!"
—To Himself
"Oh, alright Hen, I didn't mean it. You'd better eat it Dallben made it especially for you."
—To Hen Wen
"Is this to be my life? Pampering a pig! I'm a warrior, not an Pig-Keeper. Dallben thinks I'd be afraid, but I wouldn't. All I need is, is, is a chance! And I could be a famous warrior! "
—To Hen Wen
"Gosh Hen Wen! I never knew you could create visions and things like that! I thought you were just an ordinary pig. I had no idea you so.. SPECIAL. Dallben's going to be glad he put his trust in me! Just you wait and see! Now, don't go wandering about! And don't you worry! Keep close to me and no one will do you any harm. Not while I'm around."
—To Hen Wen

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