Hen Wen can see the future.
Oracular pig

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This is about the character from the film. For the book character, see Taran/Books
I hadn't planned it to end like this, Eilonwy.
— Taran to Eilonwy

I'm not a warrior; I'm a pig-boy. What would I do with a sword?
— Taran to the Witches of Morva

Taran is a young boy from Prydain and the hero and main protagonist of Disney's twenty-fifth 1985 animated feature film, The Black Cauldron.

Originally found on the battle field with no parents in sight, he was raised Caer Dallben and grew up as Dallben's assistant and in childhood, he met the pig Hen Wen, whom he was tasked to protect by Dallben himself. He himself was captured by the Horned King, and initially refused to show where the Black Cauldron was until Hen Wen was threatened with death. He eventually escaped the Horned King's dungeons with the help of the princess Eilonwy and the bard Fflewddur Fflam.

He later came up with a plan to destroy the Black Cauldron by trading his sword for the Cauldron. However, he ultimately failed and the friends found them captured by the Horned King again. Gurgi then came to save them, and sacrificed himself in saving all of Prydain. He faced the Horned King one last time, both struggled until the King was killed by Arawn's spirit in the Cauldron. Taran then ultimately saved his friends and traded Gurgi for the Cauldron. There, he kissed Eilonwy before he and his friends left to live in Caer Dallben once again.


Early lifeEdit

Taran's parents left him on a battlefield. The boy was found by Caer Dallben when he was a baby. Dallben raised Taran as his own. At some point in his life, Taran begins to believe that he should do something rather than taking care of Dallben's animals. 

Life in Caer DallbenEdit

In the beginning, Taran daydreams of what it would be like to defend the people during the war. However, he is tasked by Dallben to feed Hen Wen her breakfast. While hating his position, Taran shows no ill-will towards her. While he plays around, he falls on the ground with Hen Wen looking at him. Dallben scolds his ward for playing games and that he'll have to clean Hen Wen who got dirty. While he is cleaning her, Hen has a terrible vision about the horned King. Taran brings her inside and sits down to see Hen's special power. To prove himself, Taran is charged by Dallben to take her to the far edge of the Enchanted Forest until he joined them. Taran promised him that he wouldn't fail before heading out.

Meeting GurgiEdit

During their walk to the cottage, Taran's foolish daydreaming makes Hen Wen run away. Trying to lure her out, he takes out an apple but then Gurgi steals it from him and the boy demands for the apple back. Later he hears Hen Wen crying. Taran goes to save her but fails to and the dragons fly away with her, leaving Taran on the ground. He follows the creatures to the Horned King's castle. At first, Taran is not afraid to go out and save her, but after saving the lighting hits the castle. He asks if Gurgi will come with him but the creature declines. This greatly upsets Taran and he goes into the cave alone.

The Horned King's CastleEdit

After climbing, Taran was able to penetrate to where the lackeys of the Horned King were celebrating the success of th e capturing of Hen Wen. At first, Taran is scared that they will harm her and accidentally falls. The Henchman almost kills him but then is spared when Creeper ordered him released. The Horne d King Orders Taran to force Hen Wen to tell him where the black cauldron would be found, but Taran says he promised his master he would not do it. The king orders the pig's death, which convinces Taran to tell Hen to show the king of the Cauldron's whereabouts. However, as he looks up into the Horned King's eyes Taran goes back in fear and causes water to spill in his eyes and allows him to nearly escape. He sends Hen Wen over the wall, almost to join her before Creeper grabs onto him again. Because o f this useless effort, the King imprisons Taran in his dungeons.

In a dungeon cell, Taran is rescued by the pirincess , Eilonwy, who is trying to find her way out of her imprisonment, the Castle itself. The children come across



Taran and Eilonwy kissing

The witches leave the trio with Gurgi's body, all appearing to believe that he is dead. Taran then begins mourning over the loss of his friend until Gurgi suddenly awakens searching for an apple.

Taran is overjoyed and begins hugging them with Eilonwy adding it in. As they start laughing, Gurgi pushes them into a kiss. The group of friends then make their way back to Caer Dallben to live out the rest of their days. It is implied that they eventually make it due to a picture of them looking at Caer Dallben

Personality Edit


Taran with Eilonwy and Gurgi at the end of the film.

Taran is heroic, brave, headstrong, courageous, occasionally

foolhardy, kind, fearless, good-hearted, easily restless, snippy (briefly), courteous and caring

In the beginning, Taran is a daydreamer, constantly wishing to be more than an assistant Pig Keeper. Despite all of this, he still loves Hen Wen the pig he was charged to look after. Taran says he is brave and not scared of anything, or anyone, not even the Horned King himself. However, in reality, Taran is fearful of the villainous king. 

He cares deeply about his friends and slowly developed a romantic relationship with Eilonwy and friendship with Gurgi and Fflewddur. He usually hated being an assistant pig keeper, but eventually would embrace it in the story's development and realized that Gurgi was the real hero. 




Main article: Eilonwy and Taran's relationship

Eilonwy is Taran's love interest. Taran meets Eilonwy when trapped in the Horned King's dungeons and she helps him escape from the castle and become love interests (boyfriend and girlfriend) by the end of the last film.

Allies Edit

  • Dallben
  • Hen Wen
  • Princess Eilonwy
  • Gurgi
  • Fflewddur Fflam,
  • Fair Folk
    • King Eidilleg
    • Doli
  • Witches of Morva


Original novel Edit

Taran was an infant found by the enchanter Dallben and his companion Coll. He was raised in Caer Dallben and eventually became friends with Princess Eilonwy, the Crowned prince, Gurgi and a dwarf named Doli. By the end of the last novel, Taran becomes King of Prydain, and marries his childhood friend Eilonwy.