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Now I call on my army of the dead: the Cauldron Born! Arise, my messengers of death! Our time has arrived!”
— The Horned King about his deathless warriors.

The Horned King is the main antagonist of the film.  

Seeking to conquire the world of Prydain, he wishes to seek the Black Cauldron through the use of Hen Wen and her owner, Taran, and of Princess Eilonwy and her bauble. The Horned King is voiced by the late John Hurt. 

Early HistoryEdit

For centuries, the Black Cauldron remained safely in Morva, with The Horned King looking for it and wishing to take command of a deathless warriors known as "Cauldron Born". At an unknown point, he came to conquire the castle of a very well-respected and ancient king and decided to take up residency there. 

Before the events of the film, he kidnapped Princess Eilonwy from her home, hoping to use her bauble to locate the Black Cauldron. However, seeing no more for her usefullness, he has her locked up in the dungeons (unknowingly giving her the chance to escape. 

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  • Despite being the main antagonist of the film, he has less of an active role than most Disney villains.
  • The Horned King is one of the most deadliest and scariest villains children can remember, along with Maleficent, Claude Frollo, and several others.

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