"But, Dalben! Won't I ever be anything but an Assistant Pig-Keeper?"
"She's a very special pig, Taran.
Taran and Dallben on Hen Wen

Hen Wen is a supporting character in the series. She is an Oracular pig who has the ability to see the future. She is usually loyal to her friends and does not consult with her enemies. She was mostly cared for by a boy named Taran, who dreamed of being more than being an assistant pig keeper.

Hen Wen is taken to the deepest parts of the forest so the Horned King will never find her. However, Taran not paying attention loses her to the Gwythaints. Hen refuses to tell them where the Black Cauldron is at, and even a failed attempt, Hen Wen made her escape, where the Fair Folk take care of her before she is sent back on her way home.

Hen tells the tale of how Taran, Eilonwy, Fflewddur and Gurgi defeated the Horned King and saved all of Prydain.

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Hen Wen's voice is provided by Frank Welker, known for making talanted animal sounds.

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Oracular pig
Hen has the ability to tell the future. However, she does not show the entire future and can show bits and pieces of it all. However, there is a chant needed to activate her powers. The words that activate her ability is the following:
"Hen Wen, from you I do beseech
Knowledge that lies beyond my reach
Troubled thoughts weigh on your heart
Pray you now those thoughts impart
Following that, Hen Wen, hypnotized drops her snout into the water basin and is able to show her vision to other people. Taran briefly had control over this by only chanting the first two lines and spinning his finger in a bowl of water. However, before he is able to tell them the rest of the pig's vision through the water, he gets scared by the Horned King's dreadful appearance and runs away.

Later, she uses the ability to show Dallben the story of how Taran and the others defeated the Horned King and his allies.

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In the books, Hen Wen is a small sow pig who is instead of being pink, is a white one.