Eilonwy of Llyr is the deuteragonist of the 1985 Disney feature Film, The Black Cauldron. She is the princess of Llyr, daughter of Angharad and Geraint, wife of Taran, and granddaughter of Regat.

Background Edit

Sometime prior to The Black Cauldron, Eilonwy was orphaned at a very young age. She was presumably born and raised in the kingdom of Llyr but orphaned when her parents were both killed.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Eilonwy is the princess of Llyr. However, the Horned King kidnaps her and her bauble, believing that it will lead him to the Black Cauldron. However, her bauble does not help him, so the King has her locked up in the dungeons. However, the princess is able to escape her cell and goes to explore for someone to help her escape from the terrible dungeons.

Books Edit

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In the books, Eilonwy is descended from a long line of talented witches. However, her mother was a sorceress and her father was a human, thus making Eilonwy half-witch, half-human. Her grandmother was named Regat in the books.

Trivia Edit

  • Eilonwy has a rather dislike of rats.
  • Along with Hen Wen, Eilonwy and Hen are the only two heroines. The Witches of Morva do not count, as they are minor antagonists.
  • Unlike the book, Eilonwy has blonde hair as opposed as to strawberry blonde