Creeper is the Goblin lackey of the Horned King and the film's secondary antagonist.

Early life Edit

It is unknown how long Creeper had served the Horned King, but presumably it's been a long time. it is known that Creeper had hated the Horned King, but served the King anyways. Whenever he did something wrong, the king would throttle him for it whether it was his fault or not.  

Role in The Black Cauldron Edit

Taran and Hen Wen Edit

Sometime in his service, Creeper is tasked to capture the pig Hen Wen and unintentionally, the Pig Keeper tasked to watch over her. During the celebrations of Hen's capture, he attempts to get many of the food, but none of the Horned King's guards will let him have any. 

The Death of the Horned King Edit

Near victory, the Cauldron Born then fall to the ground. The Horned King immediately blames Creeper and decides to throw him into the Black Cauldron. However, to save himself Creeper suggests that Taran has something to do with it after seeing the boy there struggling for his life. The goblin watches as Taran and the Horned King struggle with each other, with the Horned King ending up to be sucked into the Cauldron instead of Taran. Creeper briefly grieves for the Horned King's death, but rejoices when the King cannot hurt him any more and begins cheering that his boss is gone.  

Finally free Edit


Creeper and the Gwythaint escapes

During the destruction of the Horned King's castle, Creeper saves the life of a gwythaint and both flies away with Creeper holding his master's horns and mocking the Horned King as he flies away laughing silly.  

His further fate is unknown.

Personality Edit